Greatness Often Requires a Push

Years ago, my company had reached an inflection point. We were trying to grow, but everything was starting to break. It felt like we were taking one step forward and two steps back. I wasn’t sure how to handle it all. One day my mentor nonchalantly told me, “You’ll figure this out and be good in a few months.” At the time I was stressed out and doubting myself, so that comment took me aback.

In our sessions together, she pushed me hard and pointed out things about me that I’d never paid attention to. She knew I had the ability to deal with the situation even when I didn’t see it in myself. She pushed me to a level I didn’t know existed and helped me make the most of my abilities. True to her prediction, I was on top of the situation in a few months.

I’m not the only one who’s excelled because of this type of relationship. Professional athletes have done so forever. They have the physical abilities, but others help them make the most of them. Coaches, trainers, and a litany of other staff members play a vital role in their preparation and success. They help push the athlete to a level they otherwise might not have reached. Name an exceptional athlete—I’m pretty sure their success owes a lot to others pushing them.

If you’re trying to do something great, consider surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and will push you. Those nudges might just be what you need to go from good to great!