How an Emerging VC Manager Reached First Close

This week, I caught up with an emerging venture capital manager who’d held the first close on his $100 million fund, which is the firm’s second fund. They closed on $33 million and are actively working on closing the remainder—they have a line of sight to the full $100 million. As expected, he said fundraising has been harder than anticipated, but he did share a few things that have helped him get to the fund’s first close:

  • Exits – His first fund has had three portfolio companies exit. Another pending exit of a portfolio company to a large publicly traded technology company is closing soon. These exits have demonstrated to potential LPs that he can find promising companies early and return cash to LPs.
  • Thesis – Fund I was a generalist fund. He realized his team is best suited to invest in specific areas given their backgrounds—and that other funds generally struggle to invest successfully in those areas because they lack the relationships and deep understanding to properly do their due diligence. Fund II now has a thesis around these areas, which has resonated well with potential LPs. 
  • Team – The team he put together has a stellar track record in the roles they held before joining his firm. They have deep domain expertise and relationships in the areas they invest in.
  • Hustle – He leaves no stone unturned and stays hungry. He’s diligent about follow-up, asking for intros, and delivering what he committed to on time.

My big takeaway from our chat was that his success has been driven by his tenacity, reflection, and willingness to continually learn and evolve throughout the fundraising process. I’m excited for this manager and looking forward to following his journey.