How Much Are the Landscapes of Learning and Work Transforming?

I caught up with an entrepreneur friend this week. I’m doing my learning survey, so I asked him about his learning habits. That led to an interesting comment from him that stuck with me:

How I learned and how my kids will learn will be drastically different. I had to go to college to learn from people who possessed knowledge about jobs I wanted. My kids likely won’t need to go to college. The knowledge is more accessible now.

He went on to say this:

The jobs that my kids will have as young adults don’t even exist now. What people do for work will be so different from what prior generations did for work. How we learn and work is changing faster than people realize.

I’ve been thinking about this conversation because of my newfound curiosity about how people learn. The more I think about it, the more I believe my friend is right. If he is, then we’re likely to see disruption in education, which will create opportunity. These are early thoughts, and they’re subject to change. I want to think about this more and discuss it with other smart people.