How One VC Fund Addressed Cash Flow

Yesterday I shared a post on how cash flow likely influences fund managers’ decisions to increase their fund size. I ended with a question: Would emerging managers keep their funds small if cash flow wasn’t directly tied to fund size?

Today I had a chat with someone who has an operator and early-stage investing background. He shared his experience as an investor and the model his group used to avoid increasing fund size. They charged a standard 20% carry. And instead of a management fee that was a percentage of capital raised, they charged a flat fee to each limited partner. These fees helped cover operating expenses and allowed them to keep the fund size optimal for the investing stage they were targeting. Their model had other interesting nuances, but this was their basic approach to addressing the cash flow issue.

This approach has pros and cons . . . but they’ve been around for almost 20 years. Definitely something to learn more about and consider.