Leaning into Intuition

I shared a story with someone about facing a big decision. Each choice had pros and cons, but I felt confident about a particular direction. It took a number of years to play out, but the decision proved to be the correct one. When my friend asked why I made that decision, I said I trusted my gut. I couldn’t articulate my reasoning beyond that, which seemed odd to my friend.

There’s power in gut instinct. But like any skill, practice is needed to improve it and be confident of your ability to use it. I’m not saying everyone should make decisions using their gut, but I believe that more often than not, people have intuition about what they should do but ignore it. I’ve found that my gut instinct is accurate most of the time.

Nowadays, when I need to make a decision, I ask myself at the outset what my gut is telling me and make sure I’m clear on that before I start looking at data or analyzing the situation more. Once I’ve concluded what I should do based on the data, I compare that to what my intuition is telling me. It’s an interesting exercise that continues to help me lean more on intuitive decision-making in certain situations.