Part-time Commitment Won’t Help a Business Realize Its Full Potential

I recently became a customer of an interesting business. It seemed amazing, and I wanted to learn more. The product is great. I was surprised it hasn’t seen explosive growth. I decided to dig deeper and spent time observing and talking to the team. The owners are absent most of the time and live somewhere else. Once they got the business open, they began to focus on other projects, relying on general managers to run this business. Two general managers share the load, each running the business for approximately six months at a time. I spoke with one of the managers and asked about this arrangement. She said she has other projects outside this job that take priority and this role was never intended to be a full-time or long-term commitment. I spent time with the junior team members as well. They all live close to the business, and this is their full-time and only job.

I realized what’s missing. The owners and managers of the business aren’t fully committed. Leadership all have other things they’re working on that are more important to them than this business. The rest of the team sees the lack of commitment and has adjusted accordingly. None of them spoke of this as a place they see themselves long-term. They view it as a job and are passing through until their next opportunity.

There’s no one on the team fully committed to seeing this business reach its full potential, so it hasn’t. It’s just chugging along as a mediocre business. I suspect another entrepreneur will come along and see its potential. They’ll buy it and commit to taking it to the next level.