Losing a Deal

This week I had a setback that stung badly. I’ve been working with an entrepreneur on an investment. He’s smart and has built a great product. I was excited about partnering with him to help him reach his full potential. Then, at the last possible moment, the deal fell apart.

The news caught me off guard. I thought about it a bit, and the next day I talked with the founder and wished him well. I offered to maintain our relationship and share my experiences as a founder with him. We discussed some of the things he’s learned and agreed to touch base soon. He even wants to make an introduction to another founder. The conversation ended on a very positive note.

Winning the opportunity to invest was my goal, but it didn’t happen. In business sometimes things don’t work out, and that’s OK. Though I lost this opportunity, I built a good relationship with a strong founder who’ll go on to do interesting things. I’m excited about watching his journey, sharing my experiences when he asks, and helping him if I can.

This was a loss as an investor, but it won’t be my last. I learned a lot. Most important: handle losses the right way and maintain relationships.