More Long-Form Pieces for Learning

I try to acquire knowledge daily using a variety of methods and sources. The most effective way for me (not everyone) to get the most from this effort is to read long-form material—books, papers, articles, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy audiobooks, podcasts, YouTube, and other approaches, but they aren’t as effective for me. I’m usually multitasking while consuming these mediums. They’re great in the sense that they help me maximize my productivity on the treadmill, walks, driving, etc., but I don’t gain as much as I do when I’m focused on reading long-form pieces.

I share my thoughts publicly every day and enjoy reading stream-of-consciousness pieces. I browse Twitter, blogs, and other places where people share their thoughts, but these mediums are most helpful for discovery. I tend to find golden nuggets there that steer me to long-form written content about a topic.

I’m still committed to acquiring knowledge daily and will keep using many methods, but I plan to be more intentional about making consuming long-form pieces every day a priority.