Post-Sale Service Will Build or Diminish Customer Loyalty

This past weekend, I had an issue with an expensive product I purchased a year ago. I was frustrated that it was defective and worried it might be out of warranty. I called their customer service number on Saturday morning and had a pretty good experience. I sent a few pictures while I was on the call. The rep offered to send me a replacement free of charge and alternatively gave me the option to upgrade to the latest product for a small upcharge. In the end, happy they stood by their product, I decided to upgrade.

A lot of companies focus on getting the customer and closing the deal. I’m of the opinion that how you treat the customer post-transaction is equally as important. Giving your customers a satisfying experience after the deal is how you establish loyalty and turn them into evangelists. In my situation, this company has probably gained a customer for life because of the way they resolved my problem. That’s what I’ll remember, not the problem.

Regardless of the stage of your company, remember to treat your customers well after the sale. Doing so will help you build a base of loyal repeat customers you can count on!