Hamet Watt, Investor and Founder

Today I attended Outlander Labs’ Speaker Series. This month’s speaker was Hamet Watt. He has a diverse background that includes being a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. He’s currently CEO of Share Ventures, a venture studio, and used to be co-founder and chair of MoviePass. Here are a few takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Harmony vs. consensus – Harmony on a team is good. It means people respect each other’s opinions. Consensus in decision-making ends in watered-down decisions. The drive to consensus smooths the sharp edge that’s needed for a good idea or decision to get traction.
  • Instincts vs. conviction – Founders need great instincts more than they need conviction. If they don’t have good instincts, they’ll be convinced of the wrong things.
  • Energy – It’s important for founders to manage their energy. Sometimes you have to sprint . . . but to finish the race, you must pace yourself. You need to be able to continue running even after hearing “no” over and over again. Hamet views this as a mostly mental trait.
  • Prioritization – People who ruthlessly prioritize to get things done make good founders. They understand everything won’t get done, but they’re sure to complete mission-critical tasks.
  • Conversations – Investors want to have conversations; they don’t want to be pitched. Investors are human beings who want to partner with people. Hard to do that if communication isn’t bidirectional.
  • Ideal investor – Founders should look for investors who allow them to be themselves. It’s easier over the long haul to work with someone who accepts you and sees your personality as a strength.

Hamet has a unique perspective on things and it was interesting to hear him explain it. He also shared an interesting story from his MoviePass days.

I’m excited for Hamet and Share Ventures and can’t wait to see the businesses he helps start!