Self-aware Idea Guy

I caught up with a founder friend today. He shared his vision for his next thing. It’s big! It could have a huge impact if he’s successful. I asked him some questions about execution. Without hesitation, he told me they’re important questions and they’ll get answered, but that’s not his strength. He’ll bring on another leader strong in execution and details. He didn’t sugarcoat anything. He owned his weakness and has a plan to address it.

I love how my friend is self-aware. He’s an idea guy, a big-picture thinker who enjoys thinking about the future and what’s possible. He knows this and stays in his lane. He recognizes that a team is required to turn his vision into reality and is eager to partner with someone strong in the areas where he’s weak.

I’m excited to see him start working on this new thing and can’t wait to see the team he assembles. I suspect it will comprise people who complement each other and who will help him do amazing things.