Successful People Selectively Embrace New Things

The most successful people, especially founders, are lifelong learners. They have a curiosity and thirst for knowledge that’s on another level. This is well known and something people often talk about. Successful people explore and apply new things.

One trait I’ve noticed that’s closely related is their tendency to adopt new tools and methods. Most of these people are focused on something they care deeply about. In the case of founders, it’s solving a problem. And they’re always trying to find a better way to do what they care about. This often leads to an attitude of open-mindedness about trying new tools and ways of doing things. When they find a promising one, they figure out how it can help them do what they care about more efficiently and incorporate it into what they’re doing.

This doesn’t mean they love trying every latest gadget or guru philosophy; it means they’re not set in their ways when it comes to how they do the thing they care about. They’re married to a destination (what they care about) but willing to explore a more efficient path to get there if one presents itself.