Thanksgiving Reading Goal

A few months back, I purchased a book that was recommended by several investors who’ve had outsize success over a long period of time. I typically buy a book only if credible people recommend it and the Amazon reviews are 4.5 stars are higher. This book fit both criteria, so I quickly ordered it.

When I received the book, I realized two things. It’s 800 pages long, and it was first published almost a century ago. Both facts made me cringe. I generally read books of 300 pages or less. In my experience, the longer the book, the more fluff it contains. I enjoy books that get their points across succinctly. With verbose books, my attention wanders. I also personally don’t enjoy books written long ago because the writing style is so different. It can be a struggle for me to grasp the authors’ points because I’m not used to that way of writing. I put the book on the shelf to read later. That was months ago, and I haven’t touched it.

This book is so well regarded that I don’t want to keep putting it off or, worse, never read it. Today I set a goal: read this book by the end of the Thanksgiving weekend. That means I need to read all 800 pages by November 26. Setting this challenge for myself reenergized me in relation to this book. I can’t wait to hit this goal and learn the insights in it.