The Evolving Challenge of Posting Daily

I’ve been posting daily since 2020. After three years, it’s still something I enjoy and get a lot out of. When I first started, lots of low-hanging fruit was available—I had many experiences as a founder that I could reflect on and identify insights from. I wasn’t used to sharing my thoughts publicly, though, so it took energy to crystallize my thoughts and craft a post that people could understand.

Now that I’ve been doing this for a few years, I can write a post with minimal effort. I’ve built muscle memory around writing and gaining clarity of thought.

I focus my effort now on identifying interesting things and insights to share. I’ve become more intentional about acquiring knowledge related to concepts I want to understand and attempting to develop unique insights about them.

The result of all this is that writing daily posts is still challenging, but in a different way. I began by being more intentional about developing the habit of sharing my crystallized thoughts. I’m now more intentional about understanding a concept and identifying insights related to it. Focusing on concepts is more difficult. I’ve had to adjust my habits to support the change, but I’m happy with the adjustments. I’m excited to be learning about interesting and difficult concepts. I’m even more excited by the challenge of coming up with unique insights.