The Right Circle of Friends Will Lift You Up

When I was a kid, my elders would say, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” They were trying to tell me that the circles I ran in would have an outsize influence on me. That saying made sense to me even as a kid, and now that I’ve experienced more life, I realize how spot-on it is.

Today I was reminded of it when I shared my founder journey with another founder I was meeting for the first time. He asked how I scaled my company as a solo, nontechnical founder who wasn’t raising capital. The answer is that I’d found a good circle to run with. I stumbled into a group of founders who were building software and other innovative solutions. I was able to apply what I learned from their experiences to my company. It was like having the cheat codes to entrepreneurship. Without these friends, my company probably wouldn’t have reached eight figures in revenue.

If you want to accomplish something great, consider surrounding yourself with others trying to do something similar. Your circle can be the difference between great and so-so—or even success and failure.