The Top-Ranked VC Firm Is . . .

I read about a new ranking system for VC firms created by two college students. Founder’s Choice VC Leaderboard crowdsources rankings of VC firms. The platform allows founders to rank the VC firms that invested in their start-up. It verifies the founders’ identities via LinkedIn and fact-checks the investments in the company via CrunchBase. The process isn’t perfect, but it does provide insight from a founder’s perspective.

The top-ranked firm is Union Square Ventures in New York. I’ve read the founding partner’s blog for years, and I’m not surprised his firm is ranked highest. The top ten included Atlanta-based TTV Capital, which was a great win for the city. Most surprisingly, the most notable firms weren’t in the top ten. Sequoia is often regarded as one of the best firms with the most consistent track record, but it ranked number eleven. Again, this ranking approach isn’t without flaws, but it’s interesting, nonetheless.

Venture capital firms serve two main stakeholders: the limited partners who trust them with capital to invest and the founders to whom they deploy the capital. I’m glad there’s another platform on which founders can share their perspectives about the VC firms they’ve worked with.