There’s No Playbook for Starting a VC Fund

I’ve talked to many emerging and established venture capital investors over the last few months. They confirmed that starting a venture capital fund is very much an entrepreneurial endeavor. When funds are first getting off the ground, these partners are no different than any other founder. I’ve heard consistently that there’s no playbook for starting a venture capital firm.

I’ve dug into this, and I haven’t found a playbook. A few programs offer to help emerging fund managers with specific challenges. That’s not a playbook. Many emerging fund managers are relying on word-of-mouth information and figuring things out as they go. Some have the benefit of being coached by seasoned fund managers who help guide them along their journey. But that’s the exception.

I’m not convinced that the world needs more venture capital investors, but this got me thinking. What impact would a playbook have if it were put in the hands of people with a unique perspective who’ve identified high-potential founders or early markets outside the purview of venture capital networks and start-up ecosystems? How would that change the impact entrepreneurship could have on society?