Timeless Insights

I’m a big fan of people who share their thoughts publicly. I enjoy reading how others think about certain topics. I’m an even bigger fan of investors who do this. I recently read a memo by Howard Marks, founder of Oaktree Capital, titled “bubble.com.”

The piece is just as you would expect, given the title: Howard shared his thoughts about what he viewed as a market bubble. I’ll describe my takeaways from it in another post, but I want to highlight something else today. Reading the memo, you’d think it was written recently (if you ignore the company names he references). Howard’s insights are accurate and help explain some of the things we’ve seen in the markets over the last three years. The interesting thing is that this isn’t a recent memo. Howard wrote it over two decades ago in 1999 and released it publicly on January 2, 2000.

Howard did a great job of explaining why he viewed the market as a bubble. He clearly had great comprehension of what was happening during a frenzied period in history, and his insights appear to have stood the test of time.