Weekly Reflection: Week Fifty-Six

Today marks the end of my fifty-sixth week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week fifty-six:

  • Jam session – I had a great conversation with a founder friend. We’re both passionate about helping very early-stage companies, and we came up with some really good ideas that I’m excited about working on. I enjoy jam sessions like this one where I can talk through problems and ideas with someone who’s interested in similar things.  
  • Monthly goals – I set a few monthly goals in March and shared them with some other people. I didn’t write them down and actually lost track of what the specific goals were. An acquaintance asked me about them today (luckily, he had written them down). Surprisingly, I’ve achieved each of them or come very close. Achieving goals that I hadn’t recorded or revisited for a month was a sign: they originated from an authentic place. Authentic passion kept me moving in the right direction all month. Looking forward to setting more authentic goals (maybe I’ll write down the next set!).      
  • Admin – I didn’t have as much admin time as I needed this week. It feels like some things have gotten away from me. I plan to address this next week.  

Week fifty-six was a busy and exciting week. Lots of things in the works and lots of activity overall. Hopefully next week will have a more normal pace.