Weekly Reflection: Week One Hundred Eighteen

Today marks the end of my one-hundred-eighteenth week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week one hundred eighteen:

  • Conviction – This week was a reminder that understanding why you’re doing something is critical. It helps you build the confidence to make a decision and stick with it when others don’t understand it or when things look bleak.  
  • Nonobvious markets – I spent some time thinking about this. Many markets are undercapitalized (for various reasons). Some have the potential for outsize returns. Finding these markets—or people who understand them—early is something I’m thinking about a lot.
  • No meetings – I blocked off a day with no meetings again this week. The day was super productive. I want to keep this habit up. If I can do it for all of July, I think I’ll be able to keep it going.  

Week one hundred eighteen was a calm one. Looking forward to spending the holiday with family and friends.