Weekly Reflection: Week One Hundred Eighty-Seven

This is my one-hundred-eighty-seventh weekly reflection. Here are my takeaways from this week:

  • VC – There’s an interesting dynamic now in seed-stage venture capital. Fund managers are out fundraising for new funds—but it’s tough because limited partners (LPs) are, in general, less receptive to the venture capital asset class. Some of these managers have some companies in their portfolios that are running out of runway and having a hard time raising capital. These companies could shutter. It’s already hard to raise a new fund right now. If some of a fund manager’s investments go to zero during their fundraise process, that won’t exactly give LPs a warm and fuzzy feeling about giving them more money to invest.   
  • Value-add investors – Things are tough for some founders right now. They’re likely finding out which of the investors on their cap table are truly value-add investors.

Week one hundred eighty-seven was another week of learning. Looking forward to next week!