Weekly Reflection: Week One Hundred Sixty-Five

This is my one-hundred-sixty-fifth weekly reflection. Here are my takeaways from this week:

  • Investing opportunities – I had a great conversation with a good friend and fellow entrepreneur about investing. Convincing people to take the action you want them to take is critical to success in closing a deal. But building a strategic and thoughtful process to identify investment opportunities before other people do is key in investing. After studying successful investor entrepreneurs who’ve had outsize success, I know that the great ones realize this and built solid processes.
  • Twin tailwinds – I shared a post about twin tailwinds. I’m thinking more about how to use the concept of twin tailwinds to understand market cycles and spot overlooked investing opportunities.
  • Schedule – This was the fourth full week of my schedule experiment. The results are clear. Starting my day by reading long-form writings by experts on topics I want to learn more about has been a game changer. I’ve gained knowledge at an accelerated pace, and I’ve had new insights more frequently. This will become a daily habit. I still need to tweak goals and a few other things as I continue this habit.

Week one hundred sixty-five was a productive week. Looking forward to next week!