Weekly Reflection: Week Two Hundred Seven

This is my two-hundred-seventh weekly reflection. Here are my takeaways from this week:

  • Sharing ideas – I shared an idea with a few people over the last few weeks. The idea is unconventional. I figured it would be received with skepticism. The exact opposite happened. Several people have been thinking about the topic that my idea’s about for years; they just haven’t talked about it publicly. One person considered starting a company. Another did start a company, but it didn’t last. Instead of having to defend my idea, l heard about lessons learned and was pointed to helpful resources that I wasn’t aware of. Just a reminder that there’s more upside than downside in sharing ideas.
  • Commerce gateway– I thought more about this. Commerce (i.e., retail) has been the historical gateway to entrepreneurship for many. This will likely continue. I’m noticing another trend with aspiring entrepreneurs, which could be an indication of another gateway starting to emerge. I'm seeing more people try entrepreneurship by renting things to others.  Could rentals be the new gateway?
  • Four years of posts – This week marked my fourth year of doing daily posts. I’m proud of sticking with this for so long. I want to reflect a bit on the last year of posting and think about what the next year of posts will look like.

Week two hundred seven was another week of learning. Looking forward to next week!