Working from Home: Week Twenty-Seven

Today marked the end of my twenty-seventh week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week twenty-seven:

  • Strained eyes – I shared my challenges with this issue last week. I received my blue-light glasses and they’ve helped tremendously. Despite having three multi-hour Zoom meetings (one for four hours!), I felt minimal strain on my eyes. This is a major change from last week and I’m thankful. I’ll continue to use the glasses and may order another pair as a spare.
  • Writing – Writing quality posts was a struggle. I’m committed to writing every day, so not posting was never an option. I’m going to embrace the changes in my professional life and adapt. I hope that over time I can find the right adjustments to make daily writing fit more easily into my new schedule.
  • Founder energy – I had a marathon of meetings with founders this week. The energy and enthusiasm emanating from these founders is encouraging and contagious. I’m hopeful I’ll have the chance to work with some of them as part of an investment portfolio.

Week twenty-seven was a busy week but a great one. I’m relieved that I was able to reduce my eyestrain. I’ve been very worried about it.

I’ll continue to learn from this unique situation, adjust as necessary, and share my experience.