Working from Home: Week Twenty-Three

Today marked the end of my twenty-third week of working from home (mostly). Here are my takeaways from week twenty-three:

  • Eye strain – This week I had a record number of video meetings, including one that lasted four hours. My eyes feel a bit strained, which probably isn’t good. I’ll avoid screens this weekend (as much as possible).
  • Virtual showcase – I attended my first event in a virtual venue: Square One Startup School’s Startup Showcase. The organizers had arranged networking via one-on-one conversations, a DJ, and even exhibition booths. I was impressed and would attend another one of these.  
  • Pace – This week was another busy one. I’m looking forward to returning to a more normal pace next week. (Truly! Yes, I know I said that last week.)
  • Large projects – I planned to attack some big projects, but I couldn’t find the concentrated blocks of time it would take. I’ve blocked out chunks of time on my calendar to try to prevent this from happening again.

Week twenty-three was hectic. I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to, which was disappointing. I’m looking forward to having some uninterrupted time to focus next week.    

I’ll continue to learn from this unique situation, adjust as necessary, and share my experience.