YC = Accelerated Learning Loop

Harj Taggar discussed why being a partner at Y Combinator (YC) is so powerful for an investor. He’s done two stints as a partner at YC, so I was curious to hear his thoughts. During his interview, he shared that working with hundreds of companies a year allows a YC partner to learn more, faster, than a traditional venture capitalist can. Learning what works and doesn’t work is accelerated, and YC partners feed those learnings back into the companies—all with a goal of reducing the overall failure rate over time.

Harj’s interview made me think of what a good friend said: the faster you learn, the more successful you become. Harj’s thoughts on YC being a place of accelerated learning, which leads to more success, make a lot of sense. It’s a feedback loop of sorts. The learning is compounding with each YC cohort of founders.

This has me thinking . . . what are other ways are there to create feedback loops for outlier entrepreneurs—those outside the purview of venture capital networks and start-up ecosystems?