The Prepared Mind

Louis Pasteur once said that “fortune favors the prepared mind.”

This quote is simple but powerful. The greatest outcomes are more likely to belong to those who have put in the work to prepare mentally. You can see it in founders. Those who have obsessed about a problem to the point where they understand it from all angles are more likely to create a superior solution that customers will pay for. Tons of paying customers equals a big company and accelerated value creation. You can see it in investors. Those who have gone deep into a company or sector or into developing a thesis are ready to deploy capital when the right investment opportunity presents itself. Even if it’s non-consensus and unpopular at the time. They can recognize that the opportunity is superior sooner than others and seize it before its window closes.

I’m a big fan of the prepared mind. I try to learn as much as I can about concepts, companies, and topics that interest me. This has helped me uncover unique insights and given me the conviction to do things I otherwise wouldn’t have done. I’ve made it a priority to make time regularly to do this. 

A prepared mind is something everyone can have—but few do. Most don’t make the effort. It’s a great life hack—a way to separate yourself from everyone else.